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Title: Woking
Post by: alanm on January 30, 2012, 01:43:52 am
Where: HG Wells Centre, Woking. When: Mondays and some Saturday specials

Not been here for a while, so feel free to post an update if you have your own views.

Another great venue. Large hall with good dance floor and standard bar at the back. Free water is given out which is really important for obvious reasons!

Lessons are great for beginners and improving intermediates but don't expect to be taxed too much if you have been dancing for a while. Really friendly people on the door and its the average going rate.

Music is a good selection of tried and tested and some off the beaten track to keep the more seasoned jiver interested.

Also a good selection of punters with beginners and more advanced as well and more friendly as you'd expect out in the country(!).

The dancing experience is polite - you have plenty of space and people usually watch out for how they affect others when dancing.

People who go here can pop up at Bracknell (Wednesday) and Windsor (Monday?) not to mention Fleet)

Title: Re: Woking
Post by: alanm on November 01, 2013, 05:58:18 pm
I've been told sadly Woking is no longer held on Mondays. So it's Saturday specials only now. Still well worth a visit. :-)