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1st move basic
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HandsLH SignalNone
Date addedMon 17th of May 1999 Views1713
Move number 32Move signal
Move description
As First move
  • Step in (left hand to shoulder), out (left hand out and down),
  • Now it changes: step forward on left foot, turning yourself a little clockwise and arc your left hand down leading the lady to do the same (she steps mirror i.e. right foot),
  • arc up again and step back on right foot lady on left foot,
  • step left back+out, arc down arc up, out etc..

  • Comments
    This move took an age to learn properly. In the end the secret appears to be to use the hips and to give a firm lead i.e. not be too afraid to get close to your partner!
    Seriously if you are struggling with this one stick with it as its well worth it. It looks great and can help slow down a hectic number. Also you can dance it open too only using one hand which when you are both in sync looks brilliant!