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HandsRH Signalnone
ContactNo trustTypeBeginner
Date addedMon 16th of May 2005 Views1688
Move number 390Move signal
Move description
Step back.
  • step in, lowering right hand down and up in an anti-clockwise circular motion to encourage the lady to turn 360o anti-clockwise
  • while lady is half way through turn take her spare left hand and take out to right low stepping a little to the left to facilitate and prepare (2 beats).
  • At this stage you are facing the lady right hand high to the left and left hand low to the R.
  • Step a little back to the right and take left hand high and right hand low turning lady 360o clockwise to face again (another 2 beats)
  • Repeat the whole thing as feels right for the music, finish by turning the lady with a 360o anti-clockwise return to face, letting go of left hand.
  • Step back lowering arms keep hold of right hand (usually).

  • Comments
    When done correctly the 'accordion' motion is realised by you stepping left and right alternately while the lady turns full turns infront of you. A very good move for filling in the gaps when you can't quite think what to do next