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Backhander pose
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HandsLH SignalSqueeze her hand
Date addedWed 27th of Jan 1999 Views3537
Move number 24Move signal
Move description
Step back,
  • take a large step forward on your left foot and to the left of the lady (your right hand goes to the right side of her) taking her right hand behind her back and passing it into your right hand (at her left side),
  • continue walking forward and pull on her right hand with your right hand turning her 180o clockwise at this stage signal (squeeze her hand or say something so she knows not to complete as usual),
  • hold and pose forward as she completes half a turn,
  • take right hand to left behind your back,
  • take right hand to right,
  • take right hand to left,
  • take right hand to right and you turn 180o clockwise to face and prepare,
  • freespin lady 360o anti-clockwise.

  • Comments
    A great move for posers. Many people seem to dance the full backhander where the lady spins 1.5 times quickly but this is different so a clear lead has to be given (even verbal if necessary) to stop her turning.
    IF you commit with a clear lead she'll have no choice but to exit and watch your pose, if you don't you'll probably end up in a right tangle!