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Butterfly bounce walk
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HandsRH SignalNone
Date addedTue 15th of Dec 1998 Views1861
Move number 16Move signal
Move description
Step back,
  • step in raising right hand and turning yourself 180o anti-clockwise under the lady's right arm, moving into her right side,
  • as you exit you are standing a little infront of the lady to her right, both facing the same way and take right hand to your right shoulder,
  • step to the left (lady steps R) infront of the lady taking hold of her left hand in your left hand and to your left shoulder and take your right hand (and her right hand) out to the right at shoulder height - a bounce,
  • step right again (lady steps L) taking left hand low to your left hip and right hand high just above your head,
  • step back a little into lady's right side and take right hand down to your right hip area, you are now side by side,
  • both walk on the spot for two beats,
  • raise right hand turning a little anti-clockwise and turn lady clockwise,
  • return lady 360o anti-clockwise.

  • Comments
    In butterfly moves you can look behind at your lady a little when you bounce and rather than stepping from one side to the other it looks more snazzy if you kind of sssllliide in a greaseball kind of way.