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Captive ladyspin
ClassLady spin Variationcaptive add/remove favourite
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HandsRH SignalNone
ContactNo trustTypeIntermediate
Date addedThu 20th of May 1999 Views1411
Move number 49Move signal
Move description
Start with Accordion - turn lady anti-clockwise taking spare hand and clockwise ending right hand low left hand high. Now it changes. you have a ball and socket grip.
  • Push lady a little clockwise only keep hold of right hand, still holding left hand high, and start walking round clockwise,
  • to right side, still walking,
  • pretend ladyspin her again still holding left hand and right hand,
  • prepare to right side,
  • ladyspin her for real holding on left hand,
  • return her anti-clockwise holding on both hands.

  • Comments
    Can spin the lady more than once in succession.