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Catapult SBS round
ClassCatapult VariationSBS round add/remove favourite
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HandsRH SignalNone
Date addedSun 9th of May 1999 Views1557
Move number 29Move signal
Move description
As Catapult Superman, lean and pose,
  • step back and walk into side by side position in lady's right side and put left hand under lady's right arm and on her lower back,
  • walk side by side clockwise twice - 4 beats,
  • transfer lady into your right side by nudging her with your left arm and she turns 180o clockwise and take your right hand behind to her lower back,
  • offer left hand up and out at chest height so she can see it,
  • she takes it and continue by turning her clockwise to face.

  • Comments
    A nice move - fairly rare. Complex. Not seen many people dancing it and it sometimes gets a nice response