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Half pretzel
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HandsLH SignalRH behind back
Date addedTue 8th of Jun 1999 Views4978
Move number 59Move signal
Move description
Step back offering right hand in nelson,
  • lady walks forward to take your offered hand,
  • lead her to your right side by pulling your right hand and turn clockwise to see her while raising right hand. At this stage your left hand is in a nelson behind your back,
  • circle right hand clockwise over lady's head and take it low to her left side,
  • pull her back again behind you with your left hand and turn anti-clockwise to see her,
  • raise left hand,
  • circle left hand over her head and take it low to her right hip,
  • let go right and turn anti-clockwise a little to face,
  • step back.

  • Comments
    Nice smooth move which can be looped - see recurring pretzel.