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Neckbreak shoulderspin
ClassNeckbreak Variationshoulderspin add/remove favourite
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HandsLH SignalRH up flat
Date addedWed 9th of Dec 1998 Views57
Move number 11Move signal
Move description
In as Neck break - offer and step in - now it changes:
  • push lady 180o clockwise towards right side in the usual motion only collecting placing right hand on her right shoulder and left hand on her left shoulder inverted as in preparation of a spin,
  • keeping hands on her shoulders turn her in 180o anti-clockwise in the same motion as usual,
  • turn lady 1.5 times clockwise letting go of left hand and keeping right hand on shoulder after the first 360o clockwise the lady ducks her head to allow your arm to stay on,
  • as she exits, spin her anti-clockwise using her left shoulder.

  • Comments
    This move is nice but requires a certain degree of prior knowledge in your partner. This one could cause a traffic jam if executed with an un-briefed partner. Having said that it's nice jivey, flashy and d i f f e r e n t !