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Sway seducer
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HandsRH SignalNone
Date addedMon 17th of May 1999 Views3680
Move number 35Move signal
Move description
As Sway sway right, left, now it changes:
  • hold on right hand - push lady out to face using right hand in a kind of hook motion, pause,
  • step in and turn lady once anti-clockwise holding her hand then throw her hand to right for second spin stepping in to catch her in a left seducer, (right hand to her lower back and left hand to her neck)
  • down, one beat
  • up, next beat step back, turn and return.

  • Comments
    Lovely move. Watch for travelling ladies during the double spin - it's fast - probably best to only do this with partners you know well and work up to it. You have been warned!