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The Jive Treasure Box

This website contains a large number of Jive / Ceroc dance move descriptions with step by step instructions for how to dance them. There are many ways you can view, sort and filter these moves.

Whether you are new to "Modern Jive", a recent beginner, intermediate or a "seasoned jiver" there is something here for you.

Each dance move description is written in an informal style and gives an idea of whats involved to dance that move.
Recently a number of new features have been added to this site, including a redesign. This site was originally known as the "dancecrave jive move Database".


If you find this site useful, or just generally amusing, please support this site to help keep it online by donating a small amount using the button below. This will go towards the hosting and development costs which up until now I have been covering myself. Thank you :)

If you can't donate financially I would be very grateful for any help adding to the moves / correcting them and including any illustrative videos.

New features as of Jan 2014:
  • Smart phone app to allow acessing moves on the go.
  • Video illustrations can be added to each move description
  • It's now possible to mark move descriptions as favourites
  • Single move printing has been improved
  • A new user section allows you to manage your favourites
  • A forum has been added to this site

Further enhancements of this site are underway. Please add feeedback / comments into the forum. News about the developments will be posted there...

Click here for historical information.

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