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Side to side seduce
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Date addedWed 15th of Sep 1999 Views4840
Move number 97Move signal
Move description
Start by doing a Side to side twice - in, out, in, out, then:
  • pull lady with left hand to travel infront of you as you go behind her and out the other side,
  • catch right hand to lady's left hand,
  • side to side twice again only this way round,
  • step in once more side by side and take her left arm to your left shoulder and put your right arm on her right hip.
  • Lead the lady to step 180o clockwise to face, (her right leg up and bent at the knee if that's her style),
  • seduce her down infront by both bending at the knees holding close together (1 beat)
  • stand up again,
  • turn the lady 180o clockwise out to your right side,
  • turn her back to face,
  • turn 180o clockwise while raising left hand and turning the lady 360o clockwise back to face (you are now both facing the other way,
  • prepare (left hand low and out to the L),
  • flatspin lady 360o anti-clockwise or more!.

  • Comments
    This move can be danced with more respect for your partner by using less pelvic contact! Nice little ending as well. Not bad for a derivative of the side to side ;)

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